Midparc and services

The various services offered by Midparc enable industrials to have access to the best solutions, to benefit from the financial advantages of a pool of companies, and to gain in efficiency.

  1. One-stop shop

Midparc’s one-stop shop services situated at the entrance to the industrial site centralize various administrative and customs services. This enables industrialists to address and resolve all issues in which Moroccan authorities are concerned as rapidly as possible.

  1. Start-up workshops

Midparc offers small temporary workshops for industrialists for the period following their decision to move in and until their own personal buildings are available. These workshops are just rented for a few months to enable companies to receive, adjust and test machines, train teams, etc.

  1. Temporary offices and business centers

Whether it be for an initial temporary period prior to the main buildings being set-up, or for additional office requirements, Midparc can provide office space and meeting rooms calling on a flexible, practical system.   

  1. Security

As a Free Zone, the Midparc industrial zone is entirely enclosed and secured, with just one main entrance from which movement to and from the site is monitored by the customs office. Besides this basic security system, other measures are also taken, such as the use of security staff and video surveillance.

  1. Maintenance

A dedicated team managed by Midparc is responsible for the upkeep of the networks and common areas, outside buildings and green areas.

  1. Cleanliness

Midparc handles the disposal of all standard industrial waste and looks after cleaning for the whole area.

  1. Telecommunications

All Midparc’s telecommunication networks are pre-wired. A standard solution is offered to industrialists. Nevertheless, they remain entirely free to choose other operators if they so wish.

  1. Hotel and catering

There are several hotels and catering facilities within Midparc, or in the vicinity.

  1. Banks

Midparc offers companies privileged contacts with the banks who are partners to the project. These banks are, of course, interested in the companies present in the Free Zone and capable of assisting them in all their export operations.

  1. Personnel transport

Midparc offers a transport system for facilitating personnel transport and optimizing transport costs.