1. The concept of Midparc

The prevailing ideas that presided over Midparc's creation originated from the past experiences of various industrialists who had already set up successfully in Morocco.

The decision to set up a new plant is always the result of strategic reflection and therefore a long-term vision. Once a decision has been taken, the company expects it to be implemented in a flexible, adaptable and reliable way and as quickly as possible.

Midparc has developed a building system based on modules of 1200 m2 each, so that buildings can be constructed to the sizes required by the different companies. Extensions may be added in the future.
The various components of the building system are chosen for their durability and their rapid and efficient implementation.

For all companies, quality of production is a necessity. It is part of an overall effort.

Operational flexibility, ease of maintenance, environment-friendliness and aesthetics were consistently taken into account during Midparc's conception. All infrastructures and buildings are designed to provide their users with a quiet, comfortable and luminous working-atmosphere. Quality requirements are perceptible to all, notably to the company's staff and clients.

Whether it be prior to setting up or when the factory is running, Midparc makes a wide range of services available to its clients. These services cover all administrative aspects including tax and customs services, as well as real-estate (start-up workshops and business centers), telecom connections and services, maintenance, hotels and catering, surveillance staff, waste disposal, etc.

With all these services in full operation, companies' competitiveness can only be enhanced.


  1. Offers new development opportunities:

In an exceptional position logistically

  • At the opening to Europe and Africa
  • On an industrial hub of an expanding international airport
  • Connected to the highway and railway networks
  • Located 30 km from Casablanca and from its port

Quick and easy

  • One-stop shop concentrating all administrative competences (legal, tax, customs…)
  • Rapidly available and tailor-made industrial buildings
  • Transitional workshops available
  • Wide range of services: security, restaurants, catering, upkeeps, waste disposal, parks and gardens maintenance, telecom connections, business center , training center, etc.

With limited capital expenditures

  • Long term leases
  • Subsidies investments in machineries and equipment
  • Subsidies staff training


  • Special tax context for exportation (Free Zone)
  • Low labor cost


  • High Quality environment
  • Pleasant and motivating work atmosphere